Holly's Food Emporium

Our story

To build a taste experience, you must have strong foundations. And that’s what we set out to create with our range of oat biscuits – subtly flavourful snacks with a satisfying snap; a tasty, crisp savoury treat ready to deliver cheeses, chutneys, deli meats and antipasti.

Creating perfect partners for rich, flavourful food is no easy feat. We began our journey asking questions like “What makes accompaniments like oat biscuits not just good, but unforgettable?”, and “What came first: biscuits for cheese, or cheese for biscuits?”

Finding the answer to these questions has taken our bakers across the world from UK home counties to the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. While exploring the very finest savoury biscuits, one thing was clear: the taste experience we wanted to build and deliver to lunchboxes, dinner tables, and parties, could not be re-created with different ingredients and production methods. So, the Holly’s Food Emporium team stayed true to tradition and kept the recipes and baking authentic.

Mediterranean influence

It was in Greece, roaming the Mediterranean coast, that we found the lightest, crispiest biscuits and we knew we’d ‘cracked it’. We soon set up production using traditional ingredients and time-honoured production methods to create biscuits with a Mediterranean influence in taste and texture.

Baking a British success

On closer shores, our bakers were on the lookout for something different. Something a little more rugged and rustic that could be used for anything. It was no surprise that we found what we were looking for in the West Country, home to Somerset’s cave-aged cheddar cheese and soft blues from Cornwall and Bath. Tapping into this rich cheese and biscuit history, we found the perfect combination of local British ingredients and historic manufacturing methods. Fine-milled oats, grown in unique British microclimates, and creamy butter from local farms are combined to create something really special: a British oat biscuit with an unbeatable taste and texture.

Our products

But what makes an oat biscuit different to the ones you’ve already experienced?

Oat Biscuits

Our British success story. Whilst once seen as a humble snack, our oat biscuits are the product of years of perfecting recipes and farming, harvesting, and milling techniques. Our oat biscuits get their uniform shape from our production process: they’re pressed into circular shapes engraved into a huge metal cylinder. Once hand-packed off our production line, you’re left with a tasty, light biscuit that’s packed full of fibre and oats that help gut health.

Not only great for adults but for kids too, try our crackers and oatcakes with anything. They’re so versatile you can top them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and a few snacks in-between!).

Our growing range of bread snacks is available to buy in-store – check your nearest stockist. If you’re interested in becoming a stockist, click here.