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Our story

Recreating condiment history

Chutneys were exported across Europe in the 17th Century as luxury goods, and today proudly take their place as a staple of the British kitchen table. McGerty Fine Foods was founded to reclaim chutneys, relishes, and jellies from their perception as ‘rustic’ ways to simply preserve fruits and vegetables to something more special: recreating the taste and decadence of high-class condiments, using the finest ingredients and traditional cooking methods – all at a price that everyone can enjoy.

Since the days of exporting chutneys on ships across vast oceans, the world’s cooks have learned a thing or two about perfecting tastes and improving production methods – and we like to think we’ve taken it a step further.

Our condiments are crafted in Scotland, the perfect place to craft condiments with tastes as satisfying and dramatic as the country’s horizons and flavours as deep as its lochs. They are cooked in batches using steam-heated metal pans, and we draw on our years of research, expertise, and knowledge to create high-end, hand-made condiments with an unmistakably homemade taste.

Our products

Handmade condiments delivering your favourite flavours

Our range of condiments goes beyond what you find on your average supermarket shelf. Our production philosophy is built around big tastes and bold flavours with a small-batch mindset. This allows us to create superior chutneys, relishes and jellies with the look, feel, and flavour of being created in a small kitchen.

Our range isn’t focused on one product, but three different condiments each offering unique and exciting flavour profiles and textures, ready to liven up any mealtime:

  • Chutney: a thick, sticky mix of fruit and vegetables cooked with spices, sugar, and vinegar

  • Relish: a softer, chunkier condiment with a tangy or zesty sauce

  • Jelly: soft, semi-set consistency packed full of flavour

Versatility is the name of the game. The only barrier to a great food experience with our condiments is your imagination: opportunities to give new life to any dish are endless.

Each McGerty condiment elevates sandwiches, salads, cured meats, and cheeseboards. Together, they are crown princes of ploughman’s, the royalty of sausage rolls. Pour them over warmed goat’s cheese or brie. Simply serve on a satisfying cheese sandwich, or go the whole hog and mix it in with ground pork for a one-of-a-kind burger.

Packing in flavour

Our packaging has been designed to eliminate glass contamination from breakages, and to lighten the weight, waste, and CO2 emissions of transportation to stockists up and down the UK. Packed in 110g tubs, our condiments make the perfect on the go indulgence for snacks, work lunches, and picnics.

Our growing range of chutneys & relishes is available to buy in-store – check your nearest stockist. If you’re interested in becoming a stockist, click here.