Pasta Natura

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Pasta Natura is a brand focused on delivering the highest quality of pasta whilst having minimal effect on the environment and also considering the health benefits for us, the consumer, by having all the pasta gluten free and some are also organic.

All the flour that is used is from grain and seeds that are grown in the Piedmont region. The emphasis on producing organic products is high on the agenda. The production site also focuses on giving back to the environment by running on renewable energy from the solar panels installed on the roof.

The grain and seeds travel a very short distance to the production line to keep emissions low, which also allows the grain and seeds to naturally preserve all of their nutrients. When the grain and seeds have arrived at the production line, they are ground into flour. This flour is then used to make the pasta. What makes this pasta special is some of the different processes it goes through. For example, the pasta undergoes a slower process of drying (12 – 24 hours) at lower temperatures (40 – 50˚C). This allows the pasta to retain its nutritional values better than common practises would. It has also been bronze drawn to create rougher edges, which helps sauce to coat the pasta.

None of our pasta products contain any emulsifiers and no starch is added. These special processes give our pasta enhanced health benefits compared to some mass-produced pasta.

After making such a conscious effort to make the pasta process as environmentally friendly as possible, packaging made from recycled and natural materials is also used. This can then be recycled to allow the packaging to be reborn into something else in the future.