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Hi from Market Fresh!

We released some new breadsticks into Tesco stores back in November under our much loved brand ‘The Artisan Bread Company”. We want to know what you think of them!

We have received some great comments so far, this being our favourite-

“Nothing more than to say that I have just discovered your breadsticks… and I am hooked. Already consumed my earlier shop of two packets and will be going back tomorrow for more.”



Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know how you enjoy any of our products. Be sure to follow our brand Social Media accounts for regular updates!


Thanks from Market Fresh


  • What happened to your lovely breadsticks the ones we used to buy were lovely and light specially the olive oil ones.? The packets we have purchased recently are hard and have no taste at all. We will not be purchasing them again.

    • Hi Linda,

      We took over the supply for the bread sticks in November last year- therefore the recipe has changed. Our breadsticks are formulated and made with the upmost care for taste and quality. As with all of our products, they are down to personal preference. We have even had many positive comments about customers prefering our recipe. We are sorry to hear you will not be buying again.

      Thanks From Market Fresh.

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