About Us

Who we are

There’s a world of flavours out there – and we want to bring the most exciting ones home to your mealtimes. We are a proud British Food manufacturer, passionate about healthy, high quality food that goes beyond ‘good’. We are constantly chasing better ingredients and flavours so our customers can get even more enjoyment from our products, but we’re also aware of where and how we source ingredients, and how our products get to your plate.

With a global reach comes the responsibility to be kind to the world. That’s why our focus is to respect the environment and the health of our customers, from infants to adults – because every generation deserves good food. We research, develop, manufacture, and export exceptional food products made in the UK and Europe, in packaging that cuts unnecessary greenhouse gasses and is made from materials that are better for the planet.

In 2021 and beyond, we are expanding our attention to plant-based, organic food to help feed a nation hungry for tasty products that can help heal the world.

What we do

For over a decade, we’ve been proudly supplying national grocery retailers as well as exporting food into China. As global trading becomes more competitive and complicated, we continually develop our business with the aim to be an industry-leading service, both in exports and food manufacturing and transportation, that is highly valued by our customers and suppliers.

We source a range of exciting and unique products across the UK and Europe with individual brands, whose research and knowledge helps to elevate traditional recipes into modern products that taste great. These family-run manufacturers leverage their local expertise to source the best ingredients to create unforgettable food experiences for consumers. For us, this means products with a high sale volume, and for consumers, it means healthy products from brands they can trust.