Bruschetta & Wheat Toasts

  • Traditional European breads, perfect for snacking


Bruschetta has roots in Ancient Rome. Olive growers would bring their produce to a local olive press and use bread as a way to taste a sample of their freshly-pressed oil. This is the fundamental form of bruschetta that is we recognise today, simply: bread, oil, and salt. This unassuming snack has persevered due to its simplicity, originally keeping Italian labourers and farmers well fed, and introducing a way to salvage old bread that was going stale.

What are they?

Bruschetta’s ancient meaning and translations mean “’to toast’, or ‘to roast over coals” in modern English. It’s exactly that: toasted or grilled bread, usually rubbed with garlic, topped with olive oil and salt. As with a lot of world-famous food with Italian roots, bruschetta is multi-regional. Sardinia, for example, uses thinner, crispier bread, while in Tuscany you can find bruschetta topped with black kale.


The simplicity of bruschetta is its real strength, but don’t get complacent – this isn’t your Saturday morning toast or basic after dinner cracker. Bruschetta is usually served as a snack or appetiser – something to get a dinner party started, a crispy vehicle for other more powerful flavours and Mediterranean ingredients, including: tomato, vegetables, beans, cured meats, or cheese.

Modern interpretations

For 21st Century food lovers, bruschetta is a vehicle for a new world of flavours. Artisan Deli Co. bruschetta, for example, pays homage to the ancient Roman recipe – making sure our bread recipe is perfect! – before mixing new flavours directly into the dough. Both Caramelised Onion and Tomato with Sweet Paprika offer subtle yet compelling flavours to elevate any food its paired with.

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