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Our story

Bringing authenticity to your table

Artisan Deli Co. brings the best continental bread snacks to your table. The company was born with one goal in mind: to source truly exceptional accompaniments to cheeses, antipasti, dips, and cold meats, using time-honoured recipes and production techniques with pricing suitable for everyone.

This mission took our team travelling to Europe’s most celebrated food regions to find truly authentic and delicious bread products from heritage producers. Inspired by the quality of ingredients and products across the continent, Artisan Deli Co. searched far and wide to carefully source our ingredients and re-interpret the special, original production methods – used for hundreds of years – to create tasty snacks in a modern way.

Flavours usually only found in small European family delis can now be enjoyed at your table: a food legacy enjoyed at home

Our products

Bread snacks slow baked to perfection.

Artisanal passion is what drives us to create our superior bread snacks. By adapting historic recipes using today’s modern production methods, we bring the same quality, love, and attention to detail you would find in a traditional Italian bakery in every one of our products.

When it comes to our products, enjoyment is literally baked in. There are no moulds, spray-on flavours or short cuts in sight. We make sure our bread snack range represents a variety of flavours and sensations to enjoy home, work, or on the go that you can usually only experience abroad.

Artisan Deli Co. products are ideal for snacking, light meals or as a bread substitute with a main meal.  Our growing range of bread snacks is available to buy in-store – check your nearest stockist.  If you’re interested in becoming a stockist, click here.