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The oat biscuit has been powering civilisations for hundreds of years. It was the preferred snack of choice for Roman conquerors in Britain, and has been a pillar of Scottish bread snacks since. The country’s low temperatures and high humidity means oats can grow in abundance, unlike other grains. As it turns out, wheat doesn’t like damp, sun-deprived climates. So persevering Scottish farmers used their agricultural talent to grow and harvest oats, while bakers created simple snacks and foodstuffs from them.

Initially used as a much-needed source of energising carbohydrates for Scots (said to have been eaten with every meal), the oat biscuit now sits at the same table as some health foods. While it’s similar to savour biscuits, it has added health benefits: its oats naturally provide vitamins and minerals – good for your body overall – and fibre, good for gut health.

What are they?

Traditionally, oat biscuits were simple, oat-based crackers or biscuits. Oats were combined with butter, water, and salt, baked on a griddle or in an oven. And this simple and modest recipe is still used today. Modern oat biscuits get their perfect shape from their production process: no longer handmade, they’re pressed into circular shapes engraved into a huge metal cylinder.


Oat biscuits can be enjoyed with a huge variety of toppings. As they are dense, they pair very well with cheeses – from super soft mascarpone to hard cheddar and stilton. Prawns will gladly sit on top of an oat biscuit, as will both meat and fish pates. They also make a perfect side for soups and dips if you’re feeling adventurous!

Modern interpretations

Not wanting to leave flavours behind, Holly’s Food Emporium have proudly created some intensely-flavoured oat biscuits that you’ll enjoy again and again:

Sweet Chilli Oat Biscuits

Adding an exciting pop of fire that’s relaxed by a soothing sweetness, these oat biscuits really enjoy the company of other bold flavours to collide with. No cheese is off the table!

West Country Cheddar Oat Biscuits

For serious cheese lovers, we’ve packed these oat biscuits with sweet, flinty flavours from the nation’s cheese paradise: the west country. Top with more cheese and chutney for full enjoyment.

How to find our oat biscuits

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