Our Story

Disrupting the market

Bullshot’s name originates from a cocktail used to warm the souls of those out hunting. It is a meaty drink that contains beef bone broth, vodka, Worcester sauce, tabasco, salt, and pepper. The bullshot cocktail would provide warmth whilst yielding boozy and meaty goodness- perfect for a day out with a gun.

Since its original use, bone broth is now commonly used by the most elite chefs around the world in their dishes to provide deep, silky flavour. Adding bone broth to dishes gives a serious boost of richness, aroma, and benefits to the consumer. Our bone broth really is a culinary shortcut to gourmet flavour! Our mission is to bring convenient bone broth to the mass market, to ensure everyone can take their meals to the next level – without having to endure making their own bone broth.

The newest use for bone broth is to have it as a small drink, with no ingredients added to it. This method of consuming the bone broth is due to its wide range of benefits, these include a collagen boost for the skin, nourishing bones, and joints, helping promote healthy digestion, weight-loss-friendly, boosts the immune system, and encourage more restful sleep. Drinking the bone broth straight allows someone to have all these benefits in a convenient and easy way… which tastes amazing! It can be drunk cold or warm and is typically replacing a person’s morning coffee.

Our bone broths can be added to dishes, drunk warm, cold, with alcohol. No matter your intended use, our bone broth will be sure to send your taste buds on a flavour journey ending in true satisfaction.

Our Products

Taste, convenience and quality

Broth VS Stock? There are a few fundamental differences between stock and broth ranging from how each are prepared and cooked and their flavour characteristics. Broth is cooked for a significant longer time than stock, resulting in a richer flavour profile and allowing all the nutrients to be fully released from the bones. Stock will generally offer a lighter, smoother liquid, forming the bases of sauces and casseroles. On the other hand, broth is a stronger, meatier taste to infuse soups and dishes that need an additional burst of flavour.

Our range includes a beautifully bold beef broth and will be realising a hearty chicken, flavourful fish, decadent lamb, and a tasty turkey broth.

Each of our products are versatile and an essential addition to any kitchen. Whether our bone broths are used to bring mouth-watering depth to a dish, or to administer its many benefits as a health-boosting tonic, it is a necessity!

Environmentally Sound

100% British ingredients and manufacturing

Bone broth was made by our primitive ancestors, out of respect for nature they would endeavour to waste nothing from their hunt. Harking back to the admirable values of using every part of the animal, Bullshot is passionate about using animals sustainably. Lastly, using 100% British ingredients ensures our carbon foot print is kept to a minimum to help reduce our environmental impact.